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Monday, June 12, 2006

ipod knows the weather? 

so does your ipod ever seem in tune with the weather? i mostly listen to mine on "shuffle all songs". sometimes it seems to pick the perfect playlist. today it's raining and very gloomy, figures for a monday. but the first 5 songs on my ipod have been perfect for getting into the work groove, and lightening the gloomy mood from the rain. sometimes rain can be beautiful, you just have to have the right soundtrack.

1. "love is love" - tortoise and bonnie prince billy - the brave and the bold
2. "rubber bands" - the fire theft - the fire theft
3. " a sunday mystery" - rjd2 - magnificent city instrumentals
4. "the hangover (remixed by mr. reliable)" - tuatara - the loading program
5. "the bagman's gambit" - the decemberists - picaresque

i wonder how long it will keep this up. i'm tempted to skip forward to see, but i don't want to miss any of these great songs.

hope your ipod helps with your case of the mondays!


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