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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

even longer 

i'm alive, i really am. time has just been flying by, mostly due to very busy days at work. we had a great vacation, overall. m got a new camera before our trip, so we have a ton of photos. (m is a great photographer; he used to have his own dark room.) we usually take about 10 photos per vacation, so we definitely outdid ourselves this time. as soon as we get them edited they'll go online and i'll write about the trip. it's a long, strange story. :) well, not always so strange but lots of blogworthy things did happen.

i have a million ideas for entries, but i just haven't been able to put them down. i'm home sick today, so maybe i'll sketch a bunch down later to use over the next few weeks. i also told myself that i would build a new site before my 30th birthday, which is 6 weeks from today. (!!!) i haven't thought of a new name, much less a design. so much to do!

5 days before my birthday will mark 6 months of living in our house. m and i were talking this weekend, and we both wondered how we lived in that tiny house in richmond. the fan was great, but we love having all of the space we have now. we like our neighbors, the neighborhood, and the amenities of the suburbs without the congestion. we have farms across the street from our subdivision. horses are big in this area for some reason.

we've come to terms with the fact that we are yuppies. well, really we're closer to "yindies" or "grups". but we have found ourselves doing things that we would never have done 10 years ago. like having 3 dogs. i had 2 dogs (consecutively) growing up, but they were always outside and i was never really interested in taking care of them or playing with them. i didn't dislike dogs, but i just wasn't a dog person. m will admit that he used to hate dogs, but he's had a change of heart. we got huygens and lucy within 6 months of each other. we always said we wanted a big dog, and we got sasha 2 months after moving to a big house. sure they can be a lot of work at times, but i couldn't imagine coming home from work and not having them around to be the goofy, loving dogs they are.

our latest adventure in suburbia was joining the community association. we live in a very large planned community, and there is one association for the whole "town". our neighborhood is on the border, so we don't fall under the laws of the association. but we can join and have all the benefits. this includes 3 gyms and 23 pools, among other things. the cost for us to get the best membership plan was not much more than we paid for the ymca in richmond. there is a pool 5 minutes from our house, and it has a hot tub. we have enjoyed spending a couple of evenings there, especially since the weather was cooler this past weekend. we always love sitting by the pool on vacation, so we're looking forward to having mini-vacations almost every weekend this summer. yep, us, hanging in the 'burbs.

so i guess i can say that life is good. yeah, i feel like that silly happy face, probably this one based on the topics in this post. and i'm really looking forward to 30, but that's another post. one on the list of the many that i'll be writing by the pool, on my oqo. much more to come!


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