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Monday, May 01, 2006


this weekend could not have been much better. m surprised me with a fabulous gift, my sister came to visit, my in-laws brought us something much needed, and the weather was incredible.

let's start off with m's surprise for me. he called me on friday afternoon and left a crazy message about how he was planning something for me and had to run a million errands. he also asked me to stay at work (late on a friday?!?) so that he could get everything in order. now i had no idea what was going on, because he's really good at planning things but keeping them secret. for example, both of our families knew about his plans to propose to me for several weeks before he popped the question. when i came in, we played a game of him giving me real clues and false clues and me trying to guess what the surprise was. i did pretty well, getting it right on the 3rd guess. m explained that he wanted to get something for me because he loves me so much and because i have been so supportive of him in moving up here, etc. that i deserve to have something nice. it was a wonderful, heart-felt conversation; we both felt like little kids excited about Christmas. we talked for at least an hour before even looking at the gift because we were enjoying the anticipation so much.

so what is it? well, here it is. i couldn't find either of our cameras this weekend, so that's a stock photo. but that is the correct color. it's just so sweet. it was absolutely the perfect gift, and m is definitely the best husband that i could have ever asked for.

i called this post "trifecta" because of the 3 great "gifts" that i received in the past few days. while m's gift is definitely the tops and will rank as one of the best gifts of all time, m's parents were incredibly thoughtful and brought us something that we desperately needed. i'm sure i mentioned it before - our dishwasher broke a few weeks after moving into our new home. it was a cheap model, so we planned on replacing it soon and have been washing by hand in the meantime. m's parents were at a yard sale last weekend, where they found a relatively new maytag dishwasher for $50. it was being replaced b/c the previous owner had remodeled her kitchen and got new appliances that matched. m's dad installed the dishwasher yesterday, and we ran 2 loads already. it has all electronic controls, lots of cycle options 2 sprayers, tons of room, and runs quietly.

the 3rd "gift" that i received really isn't a gift, but it is greatly appreciated. i came in and found a new computer on my desk at work this morning. it's not completely new, but it's a huge improvement over the first machine i had when i started here (only had 128 MB RAM, slow!!!). now i don't have to cry every time i try to open an email or document. hooray!

that's all for now. hope ya'll had as good of a weekend as i did!


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