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Thursday, April 06, 2006

calgon needed here 

anyone remember those commercials from the 80s? "calgon, take me away." well, that's about where m and i have been these past few weeks with our new dog, sasha. she's great, but she is a handful. large puppies are completely different than small ones, and we can't wait for a trainer to spend some quality time with us in 2 weeks. sasha is doing well though, except for a stomach bug (no fun). but she's learning things, however slowly it may seem to us, she is getting them. like walking up and down steps, the words "sasha" and "treat", and how to walk on a leash. she and lucy get along really well, much better than i thought they would. huygens is still a little snippy with her, which was a surprise, particularly when she's got a toy that he wants (all toys are *his*). now all we need is a fence and an SUV. both are in the works - we finally sold the house in Richmond and close on the 18th!

more later, but here are some "coming home" pics for you to get a look at our new fuzzball. enjoy!


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