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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

time flies redux 

okay, so where did the last 2 weeks go? i swear that i just made my "ob-blog" post a few days ago, but i log in and find that it was february 28. how crazy is that? things are just trucking right along. we passed the 60-day mark in our new home on monday. it's just been awesome. we are loving the big house, loving columbia, loving our jobs, etc. i have been working a ton in the lab, i think more in the past 3 weeks than i did for 5 years in my last job (okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but i think i will surpass the WCH mark soon). it is exactly what i wanted out of this job though, learning new things, getting my hands dirty, all that good scientific stuff.

so onto non-work related topics. so i don't copy m's posts, be sure to check out his entries on his gadget habit and our new addition. for the first topic, i have to say that the u3 drive is very cool. using firefox at work is awesome, especially since i can't install any pop-up blockers in IE (no admin rights). also, tabbed browsing is essential for looking at patents, articles, and using google to find out about equipment and the like. i can't wait until feed demon is available for the drive. that will just make my day.

now onto the second topic; if you read m's blog you'll know that our new addition is of the canine species, more specifically a giant alaskan malamute. we're going to pick her up on saturday, and neither of us can wait to get her home. it will be crazy to see how lucy and huygens react to her, especially when she is full grown (and 6 times their weight!). m has always wanted a malamute, and i have always thought they were cool. my college-friend jill had one, and we used to eat lunch at her house near campus and howl with the dog. now that m and i are out in "the country", it will be fun to bay at the moon with our new furry family member. now we just need a name. suggestions are welcome!

oh, some advice. if you don't have one, buy an Xbox 360 and then buy Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. the 3rd game in the series is the best ever. we hosted 14 players the other night, on our wireless signal. best game ever (okay, so far, since 360 games are just now really starting to be released). Fight Night is also good, if you like that sort of game.

okay, back to the grind for me. lunch is over. hopefully time will slow down a little before my next entry.


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