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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

time flies 

man, where did january go? when you spend most weekends in a month driving between two locations (i.e. richmond and baltimore), the time goes by so quickly. we didn't have to go to RVA the past two weekends, so that has helped slow the pace. we're probably a little bit behind on the unpacking, but we've gotten enough stuff out to live and plan to unpack more this weekend. m and i both needed some serious time to rest. besides, who needs housewares when you have electronics to play with?

last weekend we went to snowshoe for m's company's ski trip. this years was a blast, but i think it always has been and probably always will be. both times we have gone, the weather has not been the greatest. the first time, there was a huge ice storm the first night we were there and the mountain was closed the next day. this time, we awoke to fog and rain on saturday, not good for the already slushy conditions. but everyone had a good time anyway, hanging out, playing the xbox 360 (never leave home without it), and cooking. we had a chili cook-off on saturday night, and i am so proud of the fact that i won. i had been preparing for the competition since the last trip, but i was still very pleasantly surprised that the judges picked mine over 5 others "by a landslide". m contributed to the effort by eating my chili for the past 2 years and giving me good feedback.

so the winter olympics start this weekend. very exciting stuff. m and i were in colorado during the last winter games and watched a lot of the competition while recovering from the huge mountains (and high altitude). i like to watch the olympics, summer and winter, but the winter games are definitely my favorite (particularly hockey and snowboarding). so this year i have decided to compile recordings of the games, my first project on our new HP z558 media center. this thing is a must-have for any home entertainment enthusiast. m even said that microsoft messes up a lot of things, but they got it right with the windows xp media center edition. anyway, i hope i'm not biting off more than i can chew, but it will be awesome to have the finished product complete with the olympic rings etched onto our lightscribe dvds.


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