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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


this post is an obligatory blog (ob-blog), as i haven't written in a few weeks and just feel like i have to get something out here. it must be the time of the year, because none of the blogs i read (which are limited to a few friends) have been updated lately. maybe the cold freezes not only our fingers but also our creativity, thus resulting in a lack of blogging. or maybe we're just too busy. i suspect, at least in my case, that it is a combination of both. anyway, here are some comments on things i wrote about recently, or maybe some new juicy details of life in suburbia.

~winter olympics~
while i am proud of the medals that our athletes brought home, i am completely embarrassed by the un-sportsmanlike behavior exhibited by such contenders as bode miller and the dueling duo of shani davis and chad hedrick. way to confirm the world's suspicions that the u.s. is full of spoiled brats who just want their own way. i'm not saying that this type of behavior was limited to american athletes, ours just seemed to be the worst.

also, i bit off more than i could chew with the whole trying to record the olympic broadcasts on our media center. i did not realize that each 4-hour block of programming would take 8-10 GB, which resulted in our 600 GB of storage filling up quickly. i may still burn the opening and closing ceremonies, but frankly i don't have much of a desire to re-live many of the other events.

it was great to end on a high note on saturday with apollo anton ohno winning gold. mike and i watched him a lot in the salt lake games, so it was cool to see him come out on top at the end of the games.

~new home~
the house is definitely cool, as is our neighborhood. i know i said "tales of suburbia" earlier, but it really doesn't feel that way. i drive through mostly farmland on my way to work in the morning. we have rabbits and deer in our back yard. and i saw a red fox crossing the road a few weeks ago. i don't think i've ever seen a fox in the wild before. it's been colder up here than in richmond, but m and i both prefer cold weather to hot. and we got a ton of snow a few weeks ago. it was so cool to watch it accumulate to over 2' that day (and night). our neighbors are very friendly and helped us shovel the driveway the next day, and the roads were very clear by the time we had to go to work on monday. best part of all - watching the dogs (boston terriers, remember) try to get around in snow that came up above their chins. i even took them out a few times without the leash, because they really couldn't go anywhere except under the deck where it was clear.

we had our families and some friends over 2 weekends ago for the daytona 500. it was a smashing success, with tons of food (including my award-winning chili) and no lack of screens/monitors carrying the race broadcast. our old house was too small to really have many people over, so it's really nice to have a place to "entertain". also, having the party encouraged us to unpack a bunch of boxes. it feels good to have the kitchen unpacked, and to actually have drawers and cabinets for everything (and being able to find everything easily).

~new job~
work is good, for both m and me. busy, busy, busy! moving here has definitely rearranged our former daily schedule, with longer commutes and longer work hours (especially for m). my routine of being in bed by 10 pm (11 pm on a "late night) has gone bye-bye. i get to sleep most nights after midnight, but i'm finding that i can really function on 4-5 hours of sleep a night. good to know that's not going to be a problem when we have kids (no, i'm not dropping any hints here). i'm learning a lot and doing a lot of lab work lately, so it's been very exciting. i love a good challenge, and my experience so far just confirms that m and i made the right decision in moving (not that i ever doubted it in the first place).

okay, those paragraphs make me feel a little less "blogger's guilt", and maybe the effect will last for a few weeks. hopefully it won't have to though, and i'll write again soon!


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