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Friday, January 20, 2006

friday fancying 

okay, i totally did not mean to plagiarize m's post title in my last entry. i read it a week ago, and i guess it stuck in my head. and as for the request of pictures, i'll post some as soon as we have things set up and the U-Haul boxes are gone.

now for the big topic of this week, the arrival of our xbox 360. after a very long wait (we pre-ordered last summer), i got a call on monday that our console had arrived. of course we ordered it from a store in richmond, since we had no idea we would be moving at the time. fortunately, the kind folks at eb games allowed my father to pick it up for me, and Dad was kind enough to ship it overnight to us.

in anticipation of the new toy's delivery, m and i purchased two games on monday night as well as the component A/V cables so we could hook the 360 up to our projector. (note: if you ordered the full system, it comes with component A/V cables.) we connected everything on wednesday night, and proceeded to check out our games.

before i go into the specifics of the games, i want to make it clear that the 360 lives up to the hype (and is worth the price). the video quality is unbelievable, looking almost like a movie. the game physics are incredible. on our home theater screen, the games almost felt like an imax film. the sound is also very good, and the long waits for loading are pretty much gone.

the first games we bought were amped 3 and madden nfl '06. amped was a big let-down; the technical aspects of the game were awesome, but the actual game-play sucked. at least i thought so. you have a group of friends on the mountain and you have to meet them different places and complete missions. moving around the mountain map was very confusing. i prefer SSX, where you can compete, complete challenges, or just free ride. of course SSX comes from EA Games, while amped comes from 2K Sports. and everyone knows that EA beats 2K every day of the week.

madden is more of m's game, but i watched him play. the detail on the players is phenomenal. madden is also an EA product, and it shows. EA worked closely with microsoft for the 360 games (after so many years of disagreements), so they really utilized the full capabilities of the 360.

last night we returned amped 3 (thank goodness we bought a used copy) and the component A/V cables, and picked up dead or alive 4 and condemned. we only got to play doa4 last night, but it was tons of fun.

more reviews of games and gadgets next week!


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