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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

out of the bag 

i've been "out of commission" since last friday, so my apologies for the delay in this announcement. m and i are moving to maryland. i haven't written about it since there are some people from my office who read this blog and i wanted to keep it a secret for as long as possible. but i handed in my two-weeks notice last thursday, and the "leaving" clock is counting down rapidly. as many of you know, m has been traveling to baltimore every week since may for a big project there. well, he's going to be staying at that client for a longer term than originally expected, plus he's got some other things going on with his company that i'm not going to get into here. to summarize it - he's absolutely loving what he's doing, and we have an opportunity that we can't pass up.

so i have accepted a position in rockville. while i'm sad to leave my first "career" job, there are a lot of good things to look forward to. my new job is at smaller company than where i currently work, so i'm excited about a new work experience. plus the technology that i will be working on is very interesting and a great opportunity to improve my level of experience in pharmaceutics.

we're currently rushing to find a house in maryland. we're looking at howard county, sort of in between rockville and baltimore. i think the worst part of moving is going to be giving up the plush 7 minute commute that i currently have. we're going to look at a bunch of places this weekend and hopefully find something soon. otherwise we'll be staying in the extended stay place where m has been residing for a while. not bad, but definitely cramped (especially with the dogs).

so that's our "big news" for the year. i've lived in virginia my entire life, so it will be nice to try some place new. plus it isn't too far from our families, not like the west coast (which has always been a viable option for m's career).

on an unrelated note, i'm stealing from sarah (whose site is private and therefore not hyperlinked). try out my new daily trivia challenge. there are new questions each day. also, no cheating and looking on the web for answers, because your final score is based not only on the # of correct answers, but the time taken to complete the quiz. i'll also link it on the right so you can keep up with the play.


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