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Monday, November 21, 2005

catch up 

okay, before it becomes a full 2 weeks since my last entry, i'll play a quick game of catch up. been busy at work, relaxing at home, thinking about the holidays (or holidaze), etc. m and i spent the weekend in baltimore, celebrating the 4th anniversary of the beginning of our great romance, eating lots of crab-containing dishes, and catching a football game. we had planned this trip for a few weeks, and it could have been much less enjoyable if not for the wonder of my favorite cold remedy. m got sick on the previous weekend; and i went home with a sore throat last tuesday and woke up on wednesday feeling like death was coming quickly. but some o.j. and kleenex (thanks to my sis for running the errand for me), some sleep, and my miracle tonic i was reasonably fit for the long weekend. i still have some residual congestion and a raspy voice, but at least i am now functional and at work. and i even got to enjoy the weekend; well, time with m is always enjoyable, but we haven't done the out-of-town thing in a while.

so that's all for now. time to survive a cold and rainy day, tough especially since i decided to drive back from charm city this morning (0430 comes terribly early on a monday). at least the dogs will be tired when i pick them up from the kennel this afternoon, so we can all cuddle together on the couch and rest until an early bedtime. more to come later, and hopefully a new song this week. i have it picked out, just been forgetting to upload it.


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