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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

s.o.w. and more 

it's been way too long since i updated the song of the week feature on this site. this week's selection is off the record from my morning jacket's brand new album. this album is a little bit different than their prior work, but it's still very good. i just love the reggae groove in the track i linked. be sure to check it, as always, on the right of the page.

i recently downloaded my monthly quota of music from emusic, and i went on a bit of an iTunes binge yesterday. i don't have time to review or link all of the following new albums, but they are all very much worth checking out.

sufjan stevens - illinoise
devendra banhart - cripple crow
elbow - leaders of the free world
my morning jacket - z
idlewild - warnings/promises
broken social scene - self-titled
franz ferdinand - you could have it so much better
stellastarr* - harmonies for the haunted
bloc party - silent alarm remixed

as for new and exciting things coming in the future, i'm keeping a watch on the following

clap your hands and say yeah - self-titled
great big sea - the hard & the easy

so, while it may have been a dry summer, the fall is definitely not going to have a drought for new music. now if only it would rain . . .


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