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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


the citizens of the commonwealth of virginia will elect a new governor this year, so there are plenty of political ads to be seen on t.v. now, i know i don't post much about politics here because mine is not that type of blog. and i really don't have a preference for any of the gubernatorial candidates. but i have to speak out against the dumbest political ad i have ever seen. a lot of the "hype" at the beginning of the election season was that the "city" candidate, tim kaine, was trying to make the "country" candidate, jerry kilgore, look like a yokel. this was mostly due to the fact that kilgore has a southwestern VA accent, although it isn't "thick" by any means. i am originally from that area, and i know the accent well. just watch our old family videos and you'll see. but i digress. the ad that i linked above features kilgore's brother, terry, who is a state delegate. the plaid shirt, mustache, lop-sided mouth, and half-slit eyes just make him look goofy. especially in front of a tractor. at first i thought that this was a joke, but as the ad played i became aware that it was all too real. please, campaign managers, don't let your candidate's brother appear in an ad looking like he should be in the movie half baked.

so that's my comment. watch the ad and decide for yourself. it doesn't sway me towards one candidate or the other (or the other), i'm probably not going to vote anyway. yeah, shame on me; i usually do but i am just not inspired this time.


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