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Monday, October 24, 2005

go go gadgets 

okay, our household is officially out of control. we're on our way to being a "smart house", as far as you can get when your house was built in 1923. (too hard to run all those wires behind the wall.) m talked me into the coolest gadget the other night when we were at Best Buy. the Slingbox has got to be one of the best new inventions out there right now, and it can only get better. basically, this thing "slings" your cable signal through your router over your internet connection to your laptop, no matter where you are in the world. and the quality of the picture is perfect. there's a delay of a few seconds from the live broadcast, but the buffering is flawless. also, you set up little infrared devices that allow you to control your cable box from your laptop, so you can access all of its features like DVR, OnDemand, etc. now if we are traveling, we will never have to deal with crappy hotel cable again. (yes, we always stay where there is a high-speed connection.) hopefully m won't mess with me and change the channel while he's on the road. (j/k, honey!)

on another good note, i got a new iPod on saturday too. first we went to the mall to the Apple store, which told us over the phone that they had the new 60 gb video iPods in stock (only in white though). the mall's parking lot was as full as it is at Christmas, and i think 75% of the people were in the Apple store. so after fighting my way through the crowd and getting the attention of a very distracted employee, i was informed that they hadn't had any 60 gb video iPods in stock for days. they did have the last generation, 60 gb photo iPod in stock for only $349. i was advised to wait for the video one, and i am glad that i held off on my purchase. when i got home i started to research the video iPod a little bit more. Apple has taken the AC power adapter out of the box, which means you have to purchase it "a la carte" for an additional $30. also, the new iPod is not compatible with most of the earlier accessories, including the iTalk that Mike just purchased as well as some FM transmitters and car chargers. while the video thing would have been cool to watch Lost on, i'm not going to be downloading music videos so i decided to purchase just the photo one after all.

oh yeah, and i got Age of Empires III to try out on my new laptop. this computer is a gamer's dream. the graphics and sound are incredible, and there is no lag at all. i don't think i can ever buy a normal computer again.

we did have some "human" interaction over the weekend. we had dinner at Fleming's with my family on saturday for my dad's birthday. if you like great food (especially steak), i highly recommend this restaurant for any special occasion or just feel like treating yourself to a fantastic meal.


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