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Monday, September 19, 2005

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m and i just returned from a wonderful 5 day trip to cancun. we stayed at the fiesta americana grand coral beach, which we both agreed is the best caribbean resort we have been to so far. m and i received the trip as a gift, and we are so glad we did because neither of us would have chosen cancun on our own. we both thought it would be just a crazy party town, a la MTV spring break. our vacation was during the off-season though, so things were nice and quiet like we like it. of course if you want to go to clubs at this time of the year, they are still full. but it was perfect for us - plenty of chairs at the beach/pool, no waiting for drinks or dinner, and no raucous crowd.

the f.a.g.c.b. is a beautiful hotel, with all ocean-front suites, a huge swimming pool, and many restaurants. a lot of the reviews i read online complained that the food is too expensive. it's pricey, but not outrageous for a 5 star hotel and comparable to any nice restaurant in the U.S. also, the portions are huge so sharing is a good option. also, there is no reason to pay for bottled water in the room as the water at the resort is treated and potable. still, the mini-bar prices were no higher than any hotel in the U.S. the rooms are immaculate, with even the junior suites being of good size. other complaints i read online were that the mattresses were hard; it was firm, but of good quality. (personally i prefer a firm mattress.) and they turn down your bed every night, turning on soft music, putting chocolates on the pillow, and laying out the robes and slippers they provide.

the customer service at the hotel is incredible. they are literally at your beck and call, 24 hours a day. m had sinus problems on the plane which developed into some bad respiratory funk on the first night. i called the front desk to see about getting some cough syrup, and they sent the hotel doctor to our room. the doctor checked him out and called the pharmacy which delivered his prescriptions. even the concierge called to check in on m when she heard he had seen the doctor.

the food at the hotel was delicious. we did not have one thing that we didn't like. the room service menu has lots of selections, and they set up a dining table when they bring your service so you don't have to hunch over the coffee table. even the food at the pool/beach was great, not your typical bar food quality. they have live music in the different restaurants throughout the week. also, the restaurants aim to please - we had dinner one night at the outdoor restaurant where they serve homemade chips and salsa during the day. they don't serve it at night, but the waiter had the chef make a fresh batch of chips just for us.

so i reiterate that we thoroughly enjoyed our trip, and definitely plan to go back to f.a.g.c.b. thanks to those who gave us this respite from the real world. there's so much more that i could talk about, but my free time is up. too much to do at the office when coming back from vacation! photos and more words later.


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