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Friday, September 02, 2005

just some stuff 

so much i could write about, but i just haven't felt like it lately. i think i'm burned out on the computer, if that's possible. (yeah, it is.) but i just had to write about this - a new magazine that m discovered this week. make is pretty freakin' cool, and it comes in digital (for m) and print (for me) versions. i started reading vol. 2 last night and found that some of the same authors from boing boing contribute to the 'zine. good stuff, you can read cover to cover without finding a boring article. i highly recommend if you are a tech-geek of any sort. and it's given m and me a new hobby to pursue - making stuff.

things coming up - our niece's 3rd birthday this weekend (how time flies), richmond races next weekend (great seats at RIR), and a little getaway for the hubby and me. details may be forthcoming.


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