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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

and they called us geeks 

last night i happened to find the ESPN2 broadcast of the Drum Corps International finals. marching band never looked so cool. each of the top corps had a cool intro like they do for pro athletes, and there were really nice feature segments too. finally someone recognized the physical effort required to put on a great field show, as one of the features actually measured the heart rate, oxygen intake, and other tests of a snare drummer as he ran through the routine. they even said that his heart rate got up to 180 while he was listening to the rest of the band play, before he even hit the field. i know mine still goes up whenever i hear a good marching band, which is why i had to dvr the rest of the competition so i could get to sleep. so the "geeks" are shown to be athletes. vindication at last!


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