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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


i've been reading a lot lately, mostly fiction, and mostly fantasy (about 99%). anyone who knows me well knows that i love science fiction, a trait that probably has something to do with the fact my parents practically raised me on star trek. (they're not fanatical trekkies or anything, they just like it a lot.) i really discovered modern fantasy when i worked at a used bookstore in high school. i read a lot, keeping 3 or 4 books on my nightstand at one time (and reading them concurrently too). the store "specialized" in historical romance novels (the type with fabio on the cover), and the sci fi/fantasy section of the store was barely large enough for one person to stand in at a time. my first task in the job was to re-alphabetize those books because nobody had touched them in a *very* long time. from that point on, i sort of took "ownership" of that section (and the even smaller classics section too). i still have occasional "nightmares" that i go back to the store and the sci fi section has been obliterated.

i've read a lot of different authors, but i've found that i really like authors who write a lot of books in a particular series, even creating their own worlds or universes. frank herbert, anne mccaffrey, and mercedes lackey are some prime examples of this. i get sucked in and usually read as many books as are available in the series before i put them down. m is witnessing this right now. about a year ago, i picked up talon of the silver hawk in the airport, discovering the author raymond feist. the book was very enjoyable even though i didn't know a lot of the history behind it. but it only made me want to go back to the beginning. so i've completed the riftwar saga, read the sequel to talon, am waiting for the first book in krondor's sons to be reissued later this month, and started the parallel empire trilogy while in a holding pattern on midkemia.

i've finished two of those novels in the past week (a total of 832 pages). i haven't read this much since i was in grade school and attending summer reading camp at the local library. maybe i should have titled this entry "book junkie" because i'm dying for my next shipment from amazon to arrive. i'm really glad i just started reading feist's work, because i have a lot of catching up to do before i run out of books.


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