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Monday, May 02, 2005

weekend whirlwinds 

this weekend began a streak of very busy weekends for us. bachelor party on saturday, birthday party on sunday. next weekend: code camp (for m)/dc museum hopping (me and my sis) on saturday, mother's day on sunday. weekend after next: busch race on friday, cup race on saturday, mother's day with m's mom on sunday. following weekend: break! (and celebrate anniversary in middle of prior week.) memorial day weekend: m's brother's wedding. i think this month is the most socially-packed month that we've had since our own may wedding, 2 years ago. it's all very good stuff though.

and since i've waited until the month of the richmond race to contain my nascar fever, i feel that i can now subject my readers to some "car talk". we watched the race at talladega yesterday with m's family. there will always be some great debate as to what set off "the big one", but i have to disagree strongly with putting it off on the #48 going into the wall. take off the "4", and you have "#8" clearly ignoring nascar officials' instructions to leave bump-drafting to the back stretch of the track. but in a perfect racing world, everyone would be accountable for their own actions and there wouldn't be 5 minutes of commercials broadcast for every 3 minutes of racing.

more to come, and maybe an s.o.w. later. . .


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