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Monday, May 16, 2005

revved up 

well, this weekend's race festivites did not disappoint. we had a great time at the funai 250 on friday, seeing carl edwards do his famous backflip in person. and saturday's race, the chevy american revolution 400 was even better. it was so cool to be there for a moment of nascar history - kasey kahne's first nextel cup win. m knew it was going to happen - he talked about it all day. plus my fantasy drivers did really well also, moving me back into first place in our group. my photos turned out okay, much better than last year. the new lens was great, but i don't think many digital cameras are truly capable of catching a good image of a car going 130 mph. still, there are some good shots in the bunch.

a little commentary - when did nascar tailgating become so mardi gras-like? we saw one tent (all male of course) handing out shiny beads for a peek. worst of all? they had a ~10-year-old kid handing out the beads. i know that women are the fastest growing fan market in nascar, but are we really this stupid? i'll never understand it. girls, do womankind a favor and keep your shirts on!


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