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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

memorial weekend 

this memorial day weekend was full of memorial moments. m's younger brother casey got married at the williamsburg winery. we headed east on friday afternoon to check into the hotel and go to the rehearsal. it rained a little on saturday, but everything cleared up nicely for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. the bride and groom both looked fantastic and extremely happy on the occasion. m was the best man, and that meant a lot for him especially since both casey and his bride, marsha used to work for him. he's been able to watch their relationship grow from friendship to marriage.

m looked especially handsome (as he always does) in his tuxedo, so that was an added bonus for me. i always love seeing him dressed up. and it was wonderful to see so much of m's extended family. they're always a fun and lively bunch.

sunday was full of motorsports. we watched the indy 500 followed by the coca-cola 600. all i have to say is that danica patrick rules, and robby gordon needs to get a life. my fantasy team got whipped, mostly thanks to a late-race wreck caused by brian vickers.

the "whirlwind weekends" are now officially over for us. the next few months are occupied with family birthdays, so we'll have something to do every now and then. but for now the plan is to relax and get a little bit more housework done.


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