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Monday, April 18, 2005

spring = no parking 

the weather here is getting ridiculously nice, which means that the only thing i hate about living in the city (besides the high property tax) gets worse - parking. m and i love our house, but we have to park on the street. and since we live just a block away from a popular after-work-sit-on-our-patio bar, we find our parking options very limited when we get home on nice days. especially after going to the gym. this weekend was bad, and i know tonight will be even worse. but enough of my whining.

m and i went on a date this weekend, to bonefish grill. i've been to the "original" in st. pete several times since i travel there for work, and i have to say that the local franchise is just as good. it's just sad that even though we are only 2 hours from the beach, the best seafood restaurant in town is a franchise. oh well. i'm glad it's here, and m loved it too.

we watched ocean's twelve and control, courtesy of blockbuster online. ocean's twelve was not bad, especially for a sequel, but it definitely lacked a lot of the glamour of ocean's eleven. control was a nice surprise, considering we hadn't heard of it. not surprising, the users on IMDB didn't rate it well, but what do they know? if you are a fan of ray liotta or willem dafoe, this film is a must see.


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