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Monday, April 25, 2005


m and i had the pleasure of dining at the newly opened can can brasserie this weekend with some friends. i had read mixed reviews of the service, food, etc., but i have to say that our experience was great. we made reservations on monday and were promptly seated at 7 pm on saturday. the menu is appropriately priced for cuisine of that caliber, especially considering that the portions served are not typical for french cuisine. they were more than sufficient and delicious as well. the restaurant is a little bit noisy; the din was a bit overwhelming when we walked in, but we found that we did not have to shout once we were seated at our cozy table. and it was nice to have a good, french meal without having to dress up a lot - we saw patrons dressed in everything from jeans to evening gowns. while can can will never replace our favorite french restaurant, we'll definitely visit again (and again) due to the good food, reasonable prices, and casual but up-scale environment.


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