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Friday, April 08, 2005


last night m and i watched the movie saw. i have to say, i'm not a fan of horror films, but this is one of the best that i've seen. it was pretty violent and gory though, a lot worse than seven. but it's one of those films that's so disturbing that you can't stop watching. and i have to say that it has a good twist, although i'm not going to state where to avoid spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet.

we noticed one of the freakiest things though. the comforter on the bed in cary elwes' character's house is exactly the same one i bought for our room before valentine's day - the deep red version. m and i both did a double take when we saw the first shot of the bedroom. ours is out for cleaning now, and i was glad to not be sleeping under it last night (even though it's pretty darn comfortable).

so if you've got an urge to be freaked out this weekend, rent saw. i won't often recommend horror flicks, but this one is worth it.


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