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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

playing catch-up 

well, so i may have been a little hasty in my pledge to blog more frequently last week, but i have good reasons. i finally succumbed to the many "bugs" that are going around my office and came down with a viral infection on thursday that knocked me out for pretty much the entire weekend. it was nice to get some sleep (yes, i did sleep most of the time), but i missed my friend's engagement party which i had been looking forward to. and i missed posting a s.o.w., which i really meant to do (and will do now).

so for the long overdue song of the week, i present to you ms. neko case, one of my current musical heroines. the song (as always, located on the right) is if you knew from her live album the tigers have spoken. if you like neko's music, be sure to check out the album blacklisted. it's one of my faves, but i wasn't able to find a free song from that album.

my sister recently told me that she is disturbed by my growing tastes for bluegrass and country (mostly alt-country) music. i told her that it's only natural, since we are originally from the heart of bluegrass country. and, after all, we are a coal miner's granddaughters. sure we moved to the "city" when i was 13, resulting in a loss of my "mountain" accent (read: different from southern). but it still comes back when we visit the area, or as i've recently found, when i sing along to too much bluegrass. yes, i will admit, that even last week i read the word "peel" aloud to my husband, but it came out as "pee-al".

i sang a lot growing up, in school, in church programs, even in the church adult choir. but i stopped singing as much once we moved. maybe it was just the age, being 13 and too cool to sing in public, or also being intimidated by classmates who had been in "Chorus" with real vocal instruction. i can read music and play it on the piano, but i can't sing it. my only attempt at singing in public again (besides in the church congregation) happened in 9th grade when i auditioned for my school's spring musical. i didn't get the part - not surprising since i was competing against the chorus kids. i think the experience also left me with a hefty case of stage fright.

now i sing all the time in my car. if i can't sing to a CD, it doesn't go in the car. i'm actually going to make a mix of all "singable" songs so that i will have a CD that i don't have to skip songs to get to the next "singable" one. and i think i could pull off singing for a bluegrass band (not that i'm looking to do that, but i could). singing in my car has made my voice strong, improved my pitch, and made the high notes in my range easier to reach. so add singing bluegrass/alt-country to the list of dreams including playing bass in a rock band, learning to play cello, and becoming a concert pianist. for now, i'm happy with my daily VW concerts or occasionally breaking into song at my desk when a good one comes up on my iPod.


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