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Monday, March 07, 2005


okay, so i'm a bad blogger. i really need to make more of an effort to keep up with this site, but things have been so busy. m and i are going to the gym several nights a week and on the weekends, i have tons to do at work, and i'm spending my "free time" just enjoying life with my husband. we had an "exciting weekend" - filled with trips to costco and the grocery store, reminding us both of a scene from old school. actually, it was a nice weekend even though it snowed on saturday (and will be 70 degrees F today). we worked some on our computers - i finally migrated my iTunes library to the external hard drive that i got for Christmas, then i installed the new iPod software and synched. of course i forgot to export my playlists before clearing my library for the move, but i didn't have too many to recover.

this week is filled with more work, more working out, and a social event on saturday. we'll attend an engagement party for the last of my h.s. friends to join the ranks of us in wedded bliss. it should be fun, and i get to see my cohorts from whackademia again. maybe we'll brainstorm on our mission statement or get a good geeky group photo for the site.

m's company has started their own technical blog, and i'm proud to have helped with the site design. i haven't generated an HTML file from scratch since probably 1995, and i also worked with CSS in depth for the first time. in case i ever decide to be a stay-at-home mom, maybe i can fall back on web design (after lots of improvement in my skills) to pad out our income.

so that's all the news that's fit to tell for now. i will do my best to blog on a more regular basis, as time allows. one step at a time though - i'll post a new s.o.w. this week, probably a selection from my updated media list. until then . . .


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