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Sunday, February 27, 2005

weekend update 

up early on Sunday morning, as usual. what happened to those days where you could sleep in until at least 10 am? i'm not talking about having the time to sleep late, but just having the ability to sleep later than 7 am. at least it's race season again and we can take our Sunday afternoon nap during the middle of the race. nothing is more soothing than the sound of those cars going around at 200 mph.

m finally got me to go to the gym yesterday, and we did some cardio and upper body weights. it wasn't bad at all, even though we're a little sore today. we have a weight machine in our basement, but it's nice to get out and do a circuit on different machines. our plan is to start going in the mornings during the week because we're starting to wake up naturally around 5 am anyway. can we say "melatonin levels are dropping"?

we had dinner last night with my family at la petite france to celebrate my sister's 25th birthday. it's hard to believe she's 25, but then again this is the year that i will celebrate my last birthday before i am forever 29. haha. dinner was awesome, and we had a good visit with my family. as always, our favorite restaurant came through with exceptional food and service, even making a delicious cake especially for my sister and family to share.

so i've been the prodigal blogger again for a week. i'm so busy at work that it isn't even funny. and in my spare time at home i have been helping alterthought develop their blog site, to be launched soon. all you techies keep an eye on m's blog (yes, he's blogging again) for the news. it was a good experience for me because it's the first time in a very long time that i've written a page from scratch and even created my own css file. good stuff, eh? my next project? redesigning the richmond .NET user group site.

so lots of things going on here. it's all good though - i'd rather be busy than bored. you know what they say about idle hands. hopefully i'll be able to write more soon. plus i have tons of new music to talk about. keep reading!


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