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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

new arrival 

i just want to send a congrats to raul and sarachkah, whose brand new daughter entered the world yesterday:

From HollyTee: It's a girl! Her name is Ruby Magdalena. Born 9:40 AM. She weighed into Planet Earth at 8 lbs, 4 oz. and she is 20 inches long. Everyone is healthy and extremely tired. Major congratulations to the new family!!

this is a big first for my group of friends from h.s. with whom i'm still in touch. most of us are married or engaged by now, but this is the first baby in the old gang. i can't wait to see pictures! (and i can't wait to read their new parenting stories!!) funny, because i have a co-worker who is due in a few weeks and she plans to name her daughter "Ruby" also. must be a popular name this year.

so i've updated the s.o.w. in honor of the Groom's new daughter. this week's selection is "Confection" by Mommy and Daddy (appropriate, huh?). they've got a crazy retro punk meets new wave sound that's a lot of fun. turn up the volume, and let the new parents worry about sleeping babies. :)


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