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Friday, February 11, 2005

a love song 

i've already found my dear someone, but i love the song (by gillian welch) so much that i want to dedicate this week's s.o.w. to the love of my life, my husband. thank you for being the best husband, friend, cheerleader, and so much more to me.

I wanna go all over the world,
And start living free.
I know that there's somebody who,
Is waiting for me.
I'll build a boat, steady and true.
As soon as it's done,
I'm gonna sail along in a dream,
Of my dear someone.

One little star, smilin' tonight.
Knows where he lies.
Stay, little star, steady and bright,
To guide me afar.
Rush, little wind, over the deep,
For now I've begun.
Hurry and take me straight into the arms,
Of my dear someone.

Hurry and take me into the arms,
Of my dear someone.

happy (early) valentine's day! i'm hurrying home soon.


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