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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


i have recently joined the ranks of people with more than one blog. the blogging bug bit again before christmas when i helped start up the gift-exchange blog for m's family. we may keep it going year-round; who knows. i'm also involved in a project with some friends from h.s., but i will write about that at a later date when we're ready to "launch" the site.

but the most important blog is found on the right sidebar under the title wedded bliss. i know that i write about things that m and i do on this site, but i wanted to make a site dedicated completely to our marriage and our family when the time comes. as m pointed out yesterday, this is something our kids can read in the future. be sure to check it out today, and also in the future because i will be adding some additional features.

so that's all the news from my world. it's cold and has snowed since i got to work, so now i get to go clean off my car. thank goodness for bringing my earmuffs today!


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