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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

back to reality 

happy new year, everyone. i hope that your holidays were merry and bright and all that jazz. ours were fantastic. m and i were basically off from work for 1-1/2 weeks, relaxing together at home, playing xbox live, and seeing our families over the holidays. we got lots of nice presents, including our home's first robot, the roomba discovery. yes, i am going to geek out over a vacuum cleaner, but this thing is so cool and it works really well. highly recommended for those of you who, like me, don't like to vacuum. plus m and i didn't really have a good vacuum in the house, so this was much needed. it must have been the year for floor cleaning though, because we also received the bissell flip-it which is perfect for making our hardwood floors shine.

m got the logitech wireless headset for christmas, and we picked one up for me after the holidays. they are so cool and much more comfy than the wired headset that comes with xbox live. we play ghost recon 2 almost every day together. most people on xbox live think i'm an 8-year-old boy. according to womengamers.com, 35% of console gamers are women, but i haven't run into many yet on the xbox. i think they must play different games.

having a vacation at home for such a long time was really nice. i had a cold, but we still had a good time. it was great to be in our home, able to wake up and go to bed whenever we wanted, not have a daily schedule, etc. it was just so hard to come back to work!!

anyway, welcome to 2005. more from my little world later.


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