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Monday, December 20, 2004


man oh man, does anyone enjoy the holidays anymore? just kidding, but they are a lot of work sometimes. i can't imagine what it will be like once m and i have kids. can you give gift cards to a baby?

last friday held two "firsts" for me. i played keyboard in a band at our "year end celebration" (the generic "holiday" is no longer p.c.). we played johnny cash's ring of fire and john lennon's happy xmas. it was the first time i've ever played pop music (i've always played mostly classical) where i had to improv, and it was also the first time in a long time that i have played in public. i've gotten lots of compliments though, and i think i will play again next year.

i had some stage fright friday morning, but it was all made better when my boss told me that i received a promotion this year. woohoo! i am now a Scientist II. i basically do the same stuff, but i get more money. i guess there are more expectations for me though, so i'll have to see how they pan out. i was promoted once at the job where i worked during college, but this was my first career promotion. very exciting stuff! m and i celebrated with an awesome steak dinner and lots of ghost recon 2.

only 2 days of work this week, then i'm off until 2005. 2005?!?!? what the heck is going on? anyone remember y2k? it seems like yesterday. anyway, i've posted a holiday song of the week, rithma's psycho jingle funk for your listening pleasure. check the link on the right.


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