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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

tastes like chicken . . . 

. . . feels like friday. thank goodness for a short work-week after a week of vacation. here's a mini-trip report.

punta cana was awesome. i haven't downloaded our photos yet, but hopefully i'll get them up over the weekend. the people who worked at the resort were really nice, and it was a short ride from and back to the airport. m and i mostly relaxed by the pool, but tried our hand at archery and got to hold a monkey (yes, i got pictures of that). we also painted some pottery on a day that was a little rainy. the weather was nice - mid 80s with a good breeze (although it was a bit too windy on the beach). we were a little disappointed with the food - it was good, nothing spectacular - but i think we've been spoiled by other resorts that we have visited that are a bit more expensive than paradisus. but we didn't go hungry and enjoyed our dinners out. i would definitely go back, based on the price and the large selection of activities available at the resort.

our flight back was horrible, but what else is new when flying with us air. remember my rant from a few months ago? i almost need to repeat it: bad catering service, long layovers, late luggage, and a ransacked bag can be included in the list this time. i don't understand how anyone can feel safer about air travel. now we have to basically strip at airport security, yet people on the "no-fly" list can still get on a plane.

anyway, i have a lot more random thoughts floating around, but no time to write them down. thank goodness for a long weekend. maybe i can catch up on my blogging!


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