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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


this article scares me to death. i can understand pharmacists who don't want to give out RU-483 because they are pro-life, but they have no right to keep the prescription instead of letting customers go to another pharmacy. and pharmacists who won't give out oral contraceptives and don't give back prescriptions should be stripped of their licenses. if women can't properly prevent pregnancy, then we will have even higher incidences of abortion or single mothers on welfare. what about people who take OCs for medical reasons? my doctor has me taking them for 3 months at a time to inhibit growth of my endometriosis.

yes, a health care provider should be able to refuse to perform services they don't agree with. but the pharmacists in the article have gone beyond that. not to disrespect pharmacists, in fact i work with a lot of people with pharmacy backgrounds, but i don't consider my pharmacist a health care provider. they don't answer my questions; i can look up the info on the internet. they don't provide advice; i call my doctor for that. they fill my prescription and the pharmacy technician takes my money. my pharmacist provides a service to me, and they are well paid for it. i respect the education that they have, because it is similar to what i will undertake next year. but i've never had a pharmacist be helpful to me; they've been rude and condescending, but never helpful.

so what if a pharmacist practices scientology? will they refuse to fill prescriptions for mental illness? that definitely wouldn't be good. anyway, keep an eye on legislation these next few years, get active, and protect your rights to take the medication that is prescribed to you.


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