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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

indecision '04 

well, it's all over now. kerry is going to concede in about 20 minutes after speaking to the President earlier today. i'm disappointed that he didn't win, but i'm glad that he's not going to draw out the election like the 2000 election was. i'm more disappointed with the 18-24-year-old age group of voters. i fell in this group at the last election, and i really thought with all of the effort put into registering voters and campaigning and celebrity endorsements that young people would actually show up and vote. but the percentage of young voters remained the same as the 2000 election - only 17% of voters.

oh well. i am happy to report that the other candidates that i voted for won, including mayor, city council, and Congress. i guess 3 out of 4 "ain't bad". i am very excited about our new mayor and hope he will bring a lot of changes to the city's government, especially considering all of the corruption and scandals we have dealt with these past few years. this was a very historic vote, being the first time that all people living in the city were able to vote for mayor. when mayors were elected in the past, voting rights were still not equal for all Richmonders.

so all i have to say now is that i hope people move on with their lives. i have never seen people be so nasty to each other because of politics. the people have spoken, and now we must all do our best to live and let live under the incumbent administration.


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