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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


today was "appreciation day" at work, where people talk to us about our hard work and give a business presentation. i have to say that today's celebration was the best so far. i didn't read the email closely so i missed the fact that misty may would be there. she's a spokesperson for the company. anyway, we saw sales figures for the year, watched some commercials, talked about new products, and then got to meet misty. m and i watched a lot of beach volleyball during the olympics; it was on a lot at the same time as swimming. so it was really cool to get to meet an olympic gold medalist. some people even got to wear her medal. i got my picture taken with her and an autograph. i asked "what was up with those cheerleaders?" and she told me that they have them at every international competition. i chickened out on asking to try on the medal. yeah, you'll see me in korea in 2006, riding the half pipe, catching a wicked backside 720 , winning the gold . . .

. . . dream on, right?


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