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Friday, November 12, 2004


i haven't written much this week, mostly because i've been swamped at work. m and i are taking our "summer" vacation next week, so we've both been trying to tie up loose ends at the office. why is it that we work harder when it's time for us to relax?

so we're off to sunny punta cana for a week without work, the dogs, or anything else. it's going to be so nice. hopefully my limited spanish skills will get us through the week; at least i know the important phrases, like how to order a rum & coke or "cuba libre". we're staying at the paradisus, an all-inclusive resort, so we plan to eat and drink and as my old psychology professor used to say when dismissing us from class "be hedonic".

here's a picture for you to look at while we're gone. i will remember my camera this time, so i will have photos to post when we get back.

and this week's s.o.w. is an old one but a good one. it's parasol by the sea and cake. it just makes me think of laying on the beach. enjoy!


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