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Friday, October 01, 2004


this election year we are not only voting for president, but city council and richmond city mayor as well. two houses next door to us have signs up for tom benedetti in their yard. wednesday evening, his opponent, bill pantele was campaigning in the neighborhood, and m gave him permission to put a sign in our yard. in fact, a lot of our neighbors had signs for pantele in their yard on wednesday night. i didn't see him put the sign up, but m said it was there. when i left for work yesterday morning, i noticed there was no sign in our yard (i thought he might come that day and put one up). in fact, all the signs for pantele are missing from our block, and there is only one on the other side of the street. m said he saw the post for the sign in our yard last night. the signs for benedetti are still standing. i already decided not to vote for benedetti because he may support building a new baseball stadium, which we don't need. just fix the one we have! it appears that benedetti has a lot of financial clout, and good portion of his campaign money is coming from out of the city and even out of state. pantele on the other hand has barely spent any money on his campaign. so what's the deal? do i ask our neighbors about the sign? do i call pantele's office to let him know his hard work has been undone? what is happening to our political process when citizens can't express their support for a candidate without their right to free speech being taken away by their own neighbors?


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