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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

random events 

i had a good topic to blog about this morning, but i can't remember. my day isn't going too well so far. i had a dentist's appointment this morning, but when i got there at 7:45 the receptionist (a) didn't remember me from last week even though we talked about my purse with the picture of boston terriers on it, and (b) didn't put this week's appointment in the computer, most likely because of the purse discussion. i've been going to this dentist for over 10 years now, and the same receptionist gives me the same attitude every time. she's very "old richmond", and those of you who live here or have lived here know what i'm talking about.

my route to the dentist's office takes me by my old apartment building, which is only about 4 blocks from my house. when you live and work in the city, you see the same people in the same places nearly every day. there's the 30-somthing guy at the coffee shop who is always skeezing (sp?) on some poor young college girl who's having trouble in her life. there's the old man who jogs with his old dog, both having gray wiry hair. there's the woman with the shopping cart, who i see everywhere, and one of the people i leave stuff out for next to the trash. then there's my favorite - mr. shuffle-feet.

mr. shuffle-feet hangs out around my old apartment building. i don't know if he's homeless, but i suspect he is. he may be lucky enough to have a shelter at night though, because i only see him during the day and he usually has changed clothes. he appears to be in his 60s or 70s, and he walks around very slowly, which is why i gave him the name mr. shuffle-feet. sometimes he asks the coffee shop if he can sweep their floors for a few bucks or some food. he shuffles down the street, sometimes yelling at nothing or whatever is in his head. i saw mr. shuffle-feet this morning, approaching the coffee shop. he wasn't yelling today - must have been in a loverly mood. as i drove past, mr. shuffle-feet stopped his shuffling next to a utility pole and gave it a kiss. just a little peck (on the cheek?). i wish i had my camera and that i had been walking, not driving. it was such a precious moment.

after being turned away at the dentist's office (after re-scheduling for 7:30 am on friday), i arrived at work to discover that my docking station is broken. my laptop powered up fine, just not in the docking station. what a pain. now the limited space on my desk is occupied by my laptop, out of the docking station. at least the laptop isn't broken because that would be a real pain.

maybe i'll remember what i was really going to post later.


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