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Thursday, September 30, 2004

unbounded domesticity 

(quite a complex title, but those of you familiar with Gilbert & Sullivan will recognize the phrase from my favorite opera of all times, the pirates of penzance.)

you know you're truly domesticated when you begin purchasing multiple types of cleaning products, especially laundry-related products. i've been a tide free (or generic version) user since i started doing my own laundry. i recently started purchasing the powder version because i can get more loads out of a smaller package. a normal week's worth of laundry at our house consists of 1 load of light colors, 1/2 load of whites, and about 5 loads of darks. so i just picked up our first bottle of woolite dark laundry fabric wash, in hopes of extending the life of our dark clothes (because i hate shopping for clothes). last night we were watching tv and i saw a commercial for tide with a touch of downy. perfect for our sheets and towels, because they should be nice and soft! and let's not forget to mention the color catchers, dryer sheets, dryel, and wrinkle-release spray on our laundry shelf. what happened to the simpler days of lye and a washboard? why am i spending an entire entry dedicated to laundry? and will procter & gamble give me props for writing about all their products. maybe i should sign up for adsense.


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