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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

storm without warning 

well, gaston did some damage here on monday, and it's been a little crazy since then. we're without power, of course, thanks to a huge tree that split in our neighbor's yard. here's a little slideshow for you. (the file is fairly large, so download it before viewing.) if you want to understand how much water there was, think of how much it would take to move an 18-wheeler full of 80,000 pounds of potatoes. yep, gaston did that. we had some minor flooding in our basement. i guess the water got about a foot high, but at least it drained quickly. we'll have to go through a bunch of stuff in the next few days though. i want to get a dehumidifier/air cleaner for the basement first though, so it will be bearable to work in. hopefully we'll get everything cleaned up before frances possibly hits us next week.

anyway, i was going to post a longer intro to this week's s.o.w., but i've changed my mind (i.e. don't feel like it). this week's selection is all these things that i've done by the killers. their album is fun and very 80s influenced. good end of summer music, at least in my book. nothing to take too seriously though, at least not according to pitchfork. as the 2nd sentence in the 3rd paragraph of their review says

Top-shelf mixing and attention to melody helps out the record's appeal as lifestyle music for sheltered bloggers and female professionals who still wear cool hairstyles.

i guess i fall in both of those categories, so i guess that makes me their target market. woohoo! i love being a target market. anyway, enjoy the song because it's fun and you can never have enough fun in your life.


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