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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

martes sabroso 

(for my non-spanish speaking readers, the title translates to "tasty tuesday".)

i guess since i spent so much time in tampa (large cuban community) and puerto rico this summer, i find myself craving spanish or latino cuisine a lot lately. mostly this equates to a craving for platanos, or plantains (the ripe, sweet version, not the starchy type). but i do have a penchant for chorizo, a spanish sausage, as well, and i found a really good hot version in the grocery store. here's one of my favorite spanish-style dishes with a little puerto rican flavor kicked in to the meal. you can decide on your own quantities - this is a "freestyle" recipe.

chorizos in red wine sauce
chorizos, sliced 1/4-1/2" thick
onion, chopped coarsely
green pepper, cut in strips
garlic, to your liking
red wine, can be cooking wine (but what's the fun in that?), pick something that goes with spicy food

sautee onion and green pepper in olive oil until becoming tender (~halfway cooked). add sliced chorizo and brown. pour in red wine and add garlic. simmer until wine is reduced.

now you could serve this with spanish rice, or serve it puerto rican style with yellow rice and beans (little black beans or lentils). and always have a healthy portion of sweet platanos on the side (deep fry, no batter, thickly sliced ripe plantains until they are brown and soft. don't overcook!)

buen provecho!


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