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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

live from sunny puerto rico 

well, i've been in p.r. for 3 days so far. it's alright; staying in a decent hotel, and the work has been easy. we've only done one process each day, which means that we have only been working half-days. i'd rather have done more in a day and been home sooner though. at least i might catch an earlier flight out on friday.

the weekend was good, although too short. it was nice to see my friends from high school on saturday night. we all felt sort of sad that the conversation revolved a lot around our houses and our jobs; i guess all signs of growing up. i have updated the link to ethridge's site, for his blog, and added another ol' pal of mine, adam. he's got some great political insights, especially if you lean to the left.

well, i could write more but the pool is calling to me. at least i am getting some color in my skin; a base tan to prepare for the real vacation that m and i so desparately need.


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