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Monday, August 02, 2004

just a few more 

only a few more days until i get to come home. it was so nice having m here over the weekend. we spent our time relaxing, mostly at the hotel pool. we did catch the village on friday and enjoyed it a lot. i was concerned going into the film, because the major media outlets' reviews had not been stellar. i think they just don't understand m. night. anyway, if you're a shyamalan fan, don't miss this one. it's got a few good twists and is very thought provoking.

m was supposed to fly home last night, but the plane he was supposed to take out of here was stuck in charlotte so he would have been too delayed (connecting in pittsburgh) and would have missed his flight to richmond. they didn't have anything else available for him until this morning, so i took him to the airport at 6. he flew united on the way down, but since they codeshare with my favorite airline, he was flying us air on the way home. yet another strike against them. i will definitely avoid them at all costs when traveling for leisure.

and in the "behind the times" category, the postal service's album give up just hit #1 on the billboard electronic music chart, nevermind the fact that the album came out over a year ago, and that while it may be made with an electronic instrument, but i wouldn't call it that at all. congrats to the band for making it big. i'll be sad if the industry really sinks their claws into the band though. here's hoping to not sucking in the future.


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