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Monday, August 09, 2004

home again 

i'm back in good ol' rva, at least for this week. needless to say my trip home was much more pleasant than the one to tampa (i.e. plenty of time for connections, no lost luggage). the weekend was nice, although i spent the bulk of it catching up on rest and housework. there's tons of stuff to do this week at work to prepare for my trip next week to puerto rico. then i'm done traveling for a while, at least as far as i know. m and i are trying to work a vacation into october, since we haven't taken one yet this summer. it would be really nice to go somewhere *not* for work.

the week is also busy because i'm planning a little get-together for my high school friends on saturday. our 10 year reunion is this weekend, and a bunch of my friends will be coming in town. i'm not going to the reunion, so i thought i'd have them over for drinks before the main reunion event. of course since i was out of town i haven't done any preparation yet.

so that's the news from the personal front. not much else interesting to comment on, except for the scary fact that i enjoyed too much VH1 while i was out of town. (you know how hotel tv is always limited.) they have some great shows for a pop culture junkie like myself, including a to z, best week ever, celebrity fights, and the ever-popular i love the (insert decade here) (80s for me). maybe it has something to do with the growing number of gray hairs on my head, but when did VH1 become so watchable? oh yeah, and let's not forget about the insanity that is the surreal life. good times.


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