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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

death of an old friend 

when i got to work today, i had a new calculator sitting on my chair. i ordered it yesterday from our office supply company. it was a sad moment, because it meant that my trusty sharp el-506G bit the proverbial dust. i replaced the batteries a few weeks ago, but after my last trip to tampa i noticed that the on/off/clear button wasn't working anymore. i've had that calculator since high school, if not before. it helped me through high school chemistry, math, and physics. i continued using it in college even after purchasing a ti-89 to help me through differential equations and multivariate calculus. at work i kept the practice of writing my name on my calculator, because my high school chemistry teacher would claim any lost, unlabeled calculators as his own and charge you 25 cents to rent them for a test.

so i am now the owner of a ti-36x. it doesn't have nearly as many constants or english-metric conversions as my old sharp; and it doesn't even compare to as many modes and statistical functions. the only good thing about it is that it is solar powered, so i don't need to worry about batteries. at least from writing this entry i have discovered that i can get a similar sharp model on eBay for fairly cheap, so i think i will bid on a better replacement for my old multi-functional friend.

and i promised a song of the week, because it's been quite a while since i updated it. so this week i will dedicate apocalyptica's version of fade to black (yes, a metallica cover) to the memory of my faithful friend, who definitely helped me get to where i am today. check the link to the right, and rock on.


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