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Sunday, July 25, 2004

weekend ending 

it's sunday morning, and i can't really relax.  i'm flying to tampa today for work, and i'll be there for 11 days.  there's so much to do to get ready for the trip - laundry, packing, updating my ipod, hanging out with m, etc.  the weekend has been packed with fun though.  we saw the bourne supremacy yesterday after eating lunch at the new chipotle out in the west end.  (btw, that place *rocks*!)  the movie was really good, i think even better than the first one.  we also picked up a camera bag for the shiny new camera that m gave me for my birthday.  last night, we celebrated m's birthday a few days early (since i won't be here on tuesday) by cooking some steaks and drinking tequila shots.  we rarely drink, so it was pretty fun to get drunk and silly.

anyway, i've posted a new s.o.w. for this week, and probably next week too.  the song is crusher by junkie xl from their album radiojxl: a broadcast from the computer hell cabin (disc 1 - 3pm).  this is an awesome album; if you don't have it already, you should get it.  if you have an emusic subscription, it's available for download there.  i like this song because it makes me feel that happy energy that comes from dancing all night.  check the link on the right and turn up the volume. 

oh, also check out this website for the group M83.  these guys win the cool geek award for being named after a galaxy, making good music, and having a website that rocks.  i think that yes, i love m83.

one more thing, test your knowledge of 80s music.  i scored 111.5, which means

i knew that already though.  if i listen to commercial radio, it's usually an 80s station, and i sing along to most of the songs.  i guess when i have kids it will be like when my parents listened to the oldies station in the car and we all sang along, except it will be 80s music instead of 60s.  have fun with the quiz!


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