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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

open letter 

dear us airways,

i am a frequent customer of yours, and i have two words for you - you suck!  here are some reasons why:

  1. you are ridiculously overpriced - when my husband and i had to fly to boston on short notice for a family funeral, it would have cost approximately $1600 for us to fly round-trip.  we were able to drive 30 minutes further than our local airport and fly non-stop, business class, on another airline for 1/4 of the price.
  2. your upgrade program is lame - why entice people to use their miles to purchase e-upgrades when they are only allowed to use them for certain fares even if there are seats available in first class.  aren't all miles the same?
  3. your gate agents are idiots - when i had 10 minutes to get from terminal b to terminal d, arriving at my gate as they were closing the door, why did your gate agent ensure me that my luggage would make it?  maybe he wasn't an idiot and just lied to get me to move on.  if i could barely make my flight, how was i supposed to believe that my bags would be unloaded in time from a full plane and travel around the airport to the next plane?
  4. your customer service sucks - when i filed my missing baggage claim, i was told my bags would be on the next flight from charlotte to tampa and given an 800 number where i could check the status of my bags.  even after i called at 6 am the next day and managed to get a person online who told me my bags were coming from miami, the automated system kept telling me that my luggage had still not been located.  oh, and the message about being able to check your baggage claim status online means that you have to wait for several hours for an email response which is not, as you claim, convenient.  once my bags were in tampa, i managed to talk to your agent at the airport who told me that the delivery service would pick them up in an hour and it would take 2-4 hours for them to be delivered.  you owe me for gas and parking since i needed to work that day and picked up the bags myself at the airport in less than 1 hour.
  5. your "customer appreciation" is a joke - today you sent me an email saying that since i had been flying so much on your airline you were offering me silver preferred status.  oh, but there's always a catch.  yes, i could have silver preferred status if i only purchased your us airways club membership for only $375.  this is fantastic considering there is no club in my home airport, and i rarely have enough time between connections to visit your club.  thanks a lot for nothing.

unfortunately i will continue flying on your airline because i have so few choices at my home airport, and i am already close enough to silver preferred status to make it with my next trip.  i just thought you should know how i feel.  as the guy on my plane said the other day while we sat there for 30 minutes waiting for a gate and 10 more minutes for you to open the door, "no wonder you're going bankrupt".



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