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Monday, July 19, 2004

one more year 

yesterday marked the beginning of year 28 for me.  i can't believe i'm getting so close to the big 3-0.  m and i celebrated my birthday by having dinner with my parents on saturday night at copper grill.  it's the priciest of the new restaurants at the short pump mall, and it was really good.  this place has the most enormous live lobsters (5 to 13 pounds) that i've ever seen. 
i spent yesterday doing everything i wanted - sleeping in, playing final fantasy, taking a nap, and eating tacos.  it was a very relaxing birthday.  i stayed up a little too late watching the buried secret of m. night shyamalan.  very interesting show, but m and i suspected it was just a marketing ploy to build hype for the village.   of course this suspicion turns out to be true.  frankly, i'm disappointed that shyamalan wanted to take part in the project.  it's a huge let-down to his true fans that he would trivialize the power of his films by releasing a mockumentary.  


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