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Monday, July 26, 2004

bag-less lady 

well, it was bound to happen some time.  i've been traveling so much lately, something had to go really wrong.  i.e. my bags not making it to my destination.  i had a connection in charlotte yesterday where we landed early but had to wait for a gate to open up.  so i ended up with 10 minutes in between flights.  of course the us air gate agent assured me that my bags would make it to my next flight, and of course they didn't.  then the baggage claim agent in tampa said my bags would be on the next flight from charlotte, so they should get to my hotel around 11 pm.  after using their *so* user-friendly automated claim update system, i learned that my bags had not yet been located by midnight.  needless to say i didn't sleep much because i was thinking about the fact that my work papers, my personal laptop, and of course all my clothes and toiletries were somewhere out there. 

when the baggage office re-opened at 6 am, i heard the same automated message that my bags had not yet been located.  i called back and managed to navigate my way to a real live person who told me my bags were in miami and would be coming to tampa around 10 am.  so hopefully i'll be able to shower and change my clothes by noon today.  i'm not sure what to do about work.  i guess i will take my colleague over to the plant, and then go back after my stuff arrives and i can get cleaned up.  i mean, i can't really go into work in capris and tennis shoes.  fabulous.  i hope this is just a freak incident and not indicative of a disastrous 11 days on the road.



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