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Thursday, June 24, 2004

prodigal blogger 

yes, i have returned. after many hours in airplanes and even more in the plant, i am back at home. it feels really good, especially since i have about a month before my next trip. the trip in PR this week was better, because we stayed in san juan where there is more to do. we had a few late nights, but had a few nice dinners as well. i am pretty exhausted today though and looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. m has his .net user group meeting tonight, so i will have the chance to play ffxi for a bit, after playing with my doggies for a good while. they were at the kennel since m has been so busy this week too, and they made friends with a french bulldog so now we're tempted to bring one home to join the family. if only we had a bigger house!

well, i'd better get back to work now. i should have more interesting material to blog about as my brain and body recover from my trip. but it's sooooooo good to be home.


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